Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bulleya by Riaz Ali Khan

Bulleya is based on an 18th-Century poem by Bulleh Shah, where he addresses himself; contemplating our origin, identity, and relationship to the universe. The poem itself is a bit longer and now one of Bulleh Shah's best known, having been recorded by a variety of musicians including Junoon and Rabbi Shergill (whose versions are found on Youtube). This version has a smooth contemplative feel. From Coke Studio (Season 2, Episode 4, broadcast July 26, 2009). In Punjabi with English translation.

Free downloads are available on the Coke Studio website.

1 comment:

  1. Nice song, nice translation, reminds me of the meditations of Ramana Maharshi "Who am I not..."
    Thanks for your efforts with the translations, thanks for opening my english speaking eyes to a wwhole other world...Great songs! Great music!! Look forward to the day when such a production (coke studio sessions) occurs here in the US.
    San Diego, CA